Hair removal becomes a game with Hellenia's unique hair removal products


Experience the ultimate feeling of softness in the most natural way!


Perfect depilation faster as far as you can imagine


Hellenia products

Hellenia products are designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece, by Simple Use Beauty, the most important Greek manufacturer of professional waxing products. With respect to the needs and hygiene of consumers, each formula has been studied to bring about the best possible result, easily, quickly and simply.


Hair Removal Method

If you’re wondering which Hellenia waxing method you should choose, epilation strips are the easiest and simpler method. But if you want something closer to professional service, then, if you want to wax your legs or body in general, your choice must be the roll-on cartridge, while if you want to wax your face, then we recommend you to choose the hot wax (film). Finally, Oriental Sugar Wax is recommended for more sensitive areas and sensitive skin, and of course it is the choice of natural product enthusiasts.


Choice of Roll-On

Something that often confuses consumers is the choice of the right roll-on cartridge. Many simply choose the color or aroma they like most, but there are some other facts to take under consideration. For men’s skin, the choice is obviously the male Musk. In case you have short and hard hair we recommend you to choose Rosa (Rose) or Coco (Coconut), for more sensitive skin we recommend Aloe, for more dry skins Oliva (Olive Oil), while Milk & Honey is ideal for any type of skin.

Classic Beauty

Skin soft, velvety and without irritation easily and quickly with unique hair removal products from Hellenia. hellenia products are the result of design and research by specialized cosmetologists with certified procedures and top raw materials.